December 22, 2017

The Best Strategy To Gain Experience In Path Of Exile

Path of Exile is a perfect alternative to Diablo 3. This freeplay game for PC immerses you in a world similar to Blizzard, in which you have to gain experience to level up killing monsters. We explain how you can do it to level up faster.

If you like RPGs you may have reached Path of Exile, a free alternative to Diablo 3. This PC game offers excellent gameplay and a wide online world in which you must fight with monsters and other players, the only way to get new objects and especially experience.

As with all RPGs, in addition to learning to play, combing combos and having better weapons, leveling up your Path of Exile character is key. You should also pay attention to the type of PC you have chosen, although the choice of your preferences always depends on the time you play.

It is possible that, despite coming from other similar games, you find some difficulty in the experience mechanics of this title. That's why we're going to explain in this guide with tips on how to gain more experience to level up quickly in Path of Exile. It is not as simple as it seems, and it is that it incorporates a system of sanctions.

It should also be noted that there are maps with monsters that give more experience, or at least more XP points for each life point they have, ideal for leveling your character. But above all, the most important thing is that you avoid mistakes that make you die. You'll see why.

Hit and run, the best strategy to gain experience

Depending on the map you are on, there may be a few hostile monsters or whole hordes of them. Your goal, at least in the first levels, is to kill all possible. The more mattes, the more experience. At the moment it is not necessary that you look for the bosses to scratch XP.

Therefore, fight the bulk. Find the place where there is the highest concentration of monsters and hit there. This gives you an additional advantage, such as farmear objects and money to buy and sell new and more powerful items. Just remember to run as fast as possible when you have done it or you will be a dead man.

The most common strategy to gain experience and level in Path of Exile is that of Hit & Run. Most players attack the NPC packs and immediately run to another, always hitting and fleeing as a way to avoid taking damage.

If you can afford it, the quicksilver bottle gives you an extra speed that does not come at all bad for hurried situations.

In Path of Exile the comfort zone penalizes you

In RPGs it is not uncommon for some players to prefer to spend hours killing weak monsters than to play against stronger ones. Breathing in easy areas is a good way to be prepared for the most complicated fights, even if it is extremely boring.

This is how the classics of the game worked, but not Path of Exile. This title incorporates an experienced penalty system for the most committed deaths. If an excessively weak or strong monster kills you, you have to pay the toll in the form of XP.

How does it work exactly and how does it affect you to level up quickly in Path of Exile? Basically it is summarized in this sentence: the more you die, the harder it will be for you to move to the next level. If you kill a very weak or very strong NPC, worse yet.

You have to stay in an area marked by the game itself, the so-called safe zone. It is a few levels above or below the monster you face. You can always ignore this penalty system and go for the experience that gives you kill a boss, but you know that if he kills you he will have setbacks later.

The good thing is that the penalty does not apply to the XP you already have, but the one you need to go to the next level. For each death a percentage is added to the amount needed to go up, so be very careful to die repeatedly.

How is the safe area calculated in PoE?

There is an equation to calculate what level of monsters you have to face. The result that throws is the amount of levels above or below that you can have with respect to the enemy NPC so that your death does not penalize you. It is as follows: Safe Zone = 3 + Your Level / 16.

Let's say that if you are Level 16, the safe zone is four levels. If you are level 32, it is five levels. So on: at a higher level, the widest is the safe area.

The penalties received are as follows, by percentage of additional experience and necessary to level up:

Levels 1-15 - 3
Levels 16-31 - 4
Levels 32-47 - 5
Levels 48-62 - 6
Levels 63-77 - 7
Levels 78+ - 8
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