December 22, 2017

Path Of Exile Review Of The Diablo-Like Game

If even with the release of Diablo III you still feel orphaned of a good action rpg, do not worry, there is a good solution to your problem. Open to the public since Path of Exile promises to be what Diablo III was not, a continuation worthy of the great success of Diablo II.

Doing a superficial analysis, we can say that D3 really is not a sequence of D2, since the story seems to have been "inserted" in the plot and not derived from it, the gameplay has completely changed, there are no more options for customizing build, the game has lost its somber tone and not even the development team is the same, so it is predictable that the game would come out the way it came out.

Based on the same opinion, some hardcore players decided to create a game the height of Diablo 2, which they said "should be a game they would like to play." The result was a good RPG, with an innovative system with regards to fighting and economy and the best, with a huge customization capability!

It all starts with choosing your character inside a ship. There are six classes available to choose from: Marauder, Duelist, Witch, Ranger, Templar and Shadow. Even without being sure what will happen, you can already imagine what your destiny of your character by the very well made ambiance will be. After a shipwreck, you come across an island where everything is dead - or at least almost everything - and you find refuge in an exile camp. These exiles are people who just like you have been on the island and struggle to survive the horde of zombies, demons and sinister creatures that inhabit the place.

The map behaves very much like the "Diablos likes" that exist there. Packed with waypoints, you can move very easily between the marshes, ruins, beaches and caves of the game. Not to mention that the Gothic style and somber - one of the main complaints in D3 - was maintained and even accentuated. The gameplay is also very similar in terms of combat, but the big difference is in the skills and gems system. In PoE, skills are no longer responsible for giving you the ability to raise a zombie or drop a fireball, this is now the responsibility of the gems. These gems are found during the game by the map, or received from NPC's as a quest reward and work in a very similar way to D2 Sockets. After putting them in some weapon or equipment you can use the ability that it gives you the way you want, and can increase its power according to the amount of times it uses it. There is still the possibility to combine gems in the same weapon, making your fireball have a greater range, for example.

Skills are also a case in point. There are millions of possible combinations because of the sheer number of them. One of the great differences of this game is the possibility of specializing in two simultaneous functions, for example, being tank and dps at the same time. Of course if you choose to do this, you will not get a good performance in pvp, but if your goal is to create a "stand-alone" character who has as main goal to win the game without much difficulty, that's a good request.

The exchange system has also been reformulated in a very nice way. Remember when I said that companies should take advantage of the hook that some games make possible to create something new and unique? Well, since you're an exile on an island full of living dead, you'd expect that you do not have any money in your pockets, so if you want to buy something, get ready to dispose of some other item in your inventory . And do not think carrying that blasted sword is just throwing crap in the NPC's hand and be happy, you can leave behind that special item that enhances the magical attributes of your equipment, or something like that.

Speaking of items, the game comes stocked with hundreds, that's HUNDREDS of very well made items with cool effects. At first you make yourself use junk found on the beach as equipment. My Marauder even had a good time using rusty mesh and a chipped stone ax to face the monsters, but over time I was finding some cooler equipment. The good thing is that the long-awaited immersion that so many games leave behind is evident early in PoE.

Obviously the game crashes from time to time and you force yourself to log in again, but nothing to much for a game that is in beta and starting now. Not to mention that there is a server for so many people logging on. During the weekend the number of connected reached peaks of 50,000 simultaneous players, which made the game a little difficult.

Anyway, if you are looking for a good rpg to pass the time, PoE is certainly a good request. Innovative and at the same time conservative, the game promises to get better and better over time. Anyone who wants to join me in the game, look for Marauder Genesius around.
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